Sometimes reading a blog and researching yourself just isn’t enough. After all, Dr. Google can be just as scary as it can be helpful! And finding a holistic veterinarian who can look outside the box can be tough- there aren’t that many of us yet!

If you’d like additional help with your pet, there are several ways that you can work with Dr. Jenny.


Email Consultations

Dr. Jenny is available for consultation on a case by case basis. The price for an email consultation is $45, which includes up to 4 email exchanges (please keep in mind that after the first email, emails are intended to be followup and therefore need to be kept short and brief. If longer consultation is needed, options can be discussed.)

You can click on the button below to get started. After purchase, we will send you an email with your next steps, including a form to provide your pet’s history.

healthy pet blueprint

Healthy Pet Blueprint

This is our primary program! The Healthy Pet Blueprint is Dr. Jenny’s system that she uses to help her patients and her own pets get healthier and stay healthier! Click below to learn more!

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In-person consultations

For those of you living in the Salt Lake City or Park City areas of northern Utah, I do offer in-person consultations and treatments. However, my schedule is very limited and I can only take a few clients at a time. If you’re interested in a consultation, we encourage you to fill our survey, and we’ll get back to you with options ASAP!