Dr. Jenny’s Favorite Products & Supplements

(The most common products and supplements she uses in daily practice.)

PureBites Liver Treats: For any dogs with allergies, these are absolutely one of the best treat options out there. The only ingredient in them is desiccated liver. This means you are only giving ONE ingredient to your pup rather than an entire list, which makes it much easier to control food intake in dogs with allergies while coming in a convenient bite-sized treat. (Side note- they do smell like liver. Although mild, be prepared!) They do also come in many other flavors, but while all of them are good, Dr. Jenny rarely finds dogs able to resist the liver.

Naturvet Probiotic & Digestive Enzymes: Our intestinal system contains many strains of natural healthy bacteria called probiotics. These bacteria affect everything from our digestion to our immune system to the bacterial populations on our skin. However, there are many different types of probiotics. I have given dogs everything from human probiotics to yogurt to about ten different dog brands. Hands down, this is my favorite. Particularly for the pups with more sensitive guts (either allergies or inflammation in general), this one does the best job. When Boomer had diarrhea, this was the one that finally started helping him.

Honest Kitchen Pro Bloom (dehydrated goats milk): Another great source of probiotics. Contrary to popular opinion, neither dogs nor cats should drink milk after the age of weaning, and particularly not cow’s milk. Cow’s milk will very commonly cause diarrhea in both cats and dogs. However, this is often not true for goat’s milk (same in the human world!). This product, made by one of my favorite pet food companies, uses goats milk to deliver many strains of probiotics. Even better, finicky cats usually like it as well!

Great Lakes Gelatin: For any dogs with skin, gut, or allergy issues- gelatin is a must. Any time we have inflammation in the gut, it directly impacts the health of the rest of the body. And inflammation in the intestines causes damage to the walls of the intestines. Gelatin has been shown in the human world to help heal up some of the damage to those walls. (It also helps with hair and nail strength, as well as arthritis!) I recommend this for almost every single dog that has any evidence of inflammation anywhere in their body, even if they’re not showing signs of gut problems such as diarrhea or constipation.

Honest Kitchen Perfect Form (Gut) Supplement: Sometimes dogs need just a little bit more support for their gut. This supplement combines things like papaya, pumpkin (great source of fiber when it’s needed!), and slippery elm (amazing herb for diarrhea) to help the gut be as healthy as possible!

Grizzly Salmon Oil: Admittedly, there is some controversy about whether or not fish oil and omega-3’s in general really do much for our bodies. However, from experience, I will say that too many of my patients have improved with administration to doubt that it helps at least a little. Omega-3’s reduce inflammation throughout the body, and can be useful for many ailments from arthritis to allergies. I get asked frequently about whether or not owners can give their dogs their human fish oil, and the answer to that is it depends on the size of the dog. For smaller dogs, I prefer the liquid versions that come with a pump so you can have more control over how much you administer.

Sentry Calming Collars: These are a great option for anxiety (usually one of many things Dr. Jenny will use at once to calm anxious pups). They contain pheromones, which are hormones put out by the body. In humans, pheromones cause one human to be attracted to another human. However, in the dog and cat world, pheromones decrease anxiety. The collars tend to work best on dogs because of their constant activity. Humans can’t smell the actual pheromones, although we can smell the additional lavender and chamomile added to the collar (both herbs known for decreasing anxiety). Each one is supposed to last about 4 weeks, but occasionally they can last as long as 6 weeks before needing to be replaced.

Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser: Feliway is the cat version of pheromones. As discussed above, pheromones in cat world dramatically reduce anxiety, and can be used to help multiple household cats get along a little better, but is also commonly used to reduce inappropriate urination (which can happen from stress as well as medical causes, so be sure to check with your veterinarian if this is happening!). Unlike in dogs, I prefer the diffuser that plugs into the wall for cats, specifically placed into the room where they spend the majority of their time. There is also a spray version and wipes (like baby wipes) that work well for when the kitties have to go in carriers or in the car.

Rescue Remedy for Pets: Caution- Rescue Remedy comes in both human and pet forms, and the human form contains alcohol! This is a homeopathic remedy that reduces stress and anxiety, and is perfectly safe for animals. It can be used topically (on the skin), put in their water, or put in a treat. While homeopathics in general don’t work for all pets, some of my clients have seen fairly dramatic improvements in the stress of their pets just from this (and I tend to several things in combination to produce the most effective response).

Naturvet Quiet Moments: Sometimes anxiety is a more temporary situation, such as during thunderstorms or fireworks. At these times, we don’t need more permanent solutions although things like the pheromone collars can still be invaluable. During these times, I love Quiet Moments. It’s made of a combination of calming herbs and melatonin, all designed to quiet the pup for a few hours. Some of my clients say this works better than actual sedatives!

Naturvet Cranberry Relief: Cranberry has been known to help with urinary tract infections in humans for a long time. Turns out it also helps in the dog world. However, most dogs won’t drink cranberry juice! (At least not the kind that’s not filled with sugar.) Therefore, I really like this supplement for any of the pups who tend to have recurring problems with UTIs. Beyond cranberry, it also contains echinacea (an herb known for stimulating the immune system), marshmallow root (another herb that decreases inflammation and fights bacteria), and more! Furthermore, it’s a fairly flavorless powder that most dogs will take when mixed with their food. (Note: pay attention to the dose on the label! It is not supposed to be used daily for long periods of time!)

Pet Wellbeing Urinary Gold: Please, if your animal is showing signs of a urinary tract infection, take them to your veterinarian! Urinary tract infections can become severe fairly quickly! That being said, the typical treatment for them is antibiotics. Which while I fully think antibiotics are sometimes necessary, can be detrimental to the body if used over and over because of their effects on the bacterial populations of our intestines. Products such as this one (a combination of herbs to decrease inflammation, soothe the urinary tract, and fight bacteria) can help decrease the incidence of UTIs overall, hopefully preventing the frequent need for antibiotics seen in some pets. (If your animal has been on antibiotics for a UTI, make sure to put him/her on a probiotic!)

Phycox: Glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM are all supplements commonly used as joint supplements, and they can help with arthritic discomfort. They help to lubricate the joints while reducing inflammation in the same. I commonly get asked whether human versions can be used on dogs, and the answer totally depends on the size of the dog, but I also find that some dogs are more tolerant as well as more responsive to some versions instead of others. This one is the one I’ve seen the best results from by far, as well as the fewest side effects. Keep in mind that as with most supplements, it takes time for the effects to build up in the body, so you need to do a trial of at least 4-6 weeks (most also prescribe a higher dosage for that initial period to help it build up in the body before going to a maintenance dose).

Neutricks: Many dogs exhibit dementia as they get older. This can present as staring, getting lost, sleeping more, excessive barking, or even urinating in the house (again, this can be a sign of a medical problem as well, so please consult your veterinarian!). It can be a very frustrating and challenging change for the human members of the family. This supplement is the best one I’ve seen for helping improve signs of dementia.

*Please note that these are affiliate links, which means Dr. Jenny may receive a small commission if you purchase through these links. However, they are all products that she highly recommends, carries in her own clinic, and uses on her own pets.