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holistic veterinarian

Hi, I’m Dr. Jenny Elwell-Gerken (otherwise known as Dr. Jenny). I graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine many years ago, with the goal of just being a cow vet for the rest of my life.

Oh how life changes.

I’d been a vet for just a bit when my own Labrador got diarrhea. And it took me two years to get rid of it! I tried every trick in the book, both Western and outside of the box. It only resolved when, out of pure desperation, I put him on a raw diet (which was completely taboo in my world at the time!).

This got me thinking, and started me on a long and winding journey towards learning more about how alternative modalities fit in with conventional veterinary medicine. Today I use acupuncture, chiropractic care, essential oils, Chinese herbs, diet and supplements, as well as some energy work, to supplement my Western knowledge and provide my patients with the best care possible.

My passion is to teach pet owners (such as YOU) how to keep your pets healthier from day one. So much of our health starts when we’re young, and starts with things such as a proper diet. What if you knew enough that you were not only able to keep your pet healthier, but felt more confident in doing so?

Visits to the veterinarian may always be necessary, but what if they were only for true emergencies and wellness checks rather than chronic debilitating disease?

Together, we can do this. We can keep our furry friends happier and healthier, from day one until the very end.

If you have any questions, you can send me a message here.

PS. If you want to read the really long version of why I am who I am, you can go here.

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