Our pets are getting unhealthier

and living shorter lives…

In the last decade, we’ve seen increases in

allergies, obesity, cancer, and more!


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At Empowered Pet Parents, Dr. Jenny teaches pet owners (like you!) how to help your pets live longer by keeping them healthier, from the inside out! Using things like diet and supplements, including many things that you probably have in your own kitchen, you can learn to improve or maintain the health and well-being of your family pets.

Imagine a world with no ear infections. No itchy dogs. No cancer. No obesity. No sensitive stomachs or reflux problems. No long term illnesses.

Well, Dr. Jenny is working towards that. Her goal is to improve the health and well being of 1 million dogs by 2021. 

And it starts with you.

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Ready to take control of your pet’s health?

Want to learn how to keep them healthier (or help them get healthier!)? Learn the system Dr. Jenny uses with her patients and her own pets to help them stay healthier from the inside out, so they can live longer healthier lives (free from allergies and long-term diseases!).

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dr. jenny elwell-gerken

I’m Dr. Jenny, an integrative veterinarian* based in Utah and Montana. Years ago I was frustrated when my own dog was sick and I couldn’t find any answers, so I started on a long journey towards thinking outside the box. I’ve learned a lot in the time since about how to restore health and balance to our furry family members.

Please keep in mind that I cannot give veterinary advice on specific cases, nor is anything in this website to be construed as veterinary advice. If your pup is sick, I do recommend that you seek the help of a veterinary professional.

*Integrative means I use the best of both worlds (Western conventional medicine as well as alternative modalities such as Chinese medicine, essential oils, acupuncture, and chiropractic). I combine everything I learn to create the best opportunity for health and healing in our animal companions!